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Centre for Community Organising - Czech Republic

by , 24 June 2008

CCO is a non-profit non-governmental organization that provides information and advisory services to representatives from public administration, civic organizations and businesses.

In these areas:

CpKP - logo Citizen/NGO participation in local and regional development
CCO designs and implements public participation programs in planning and decision-making. For example, programs for citizen participation in planning and designing of public spaces, in housing estate revitalizations, in the preparation of community development strategies or in investment planning. Within this program CCO organizes public hearings, interactive exhibitions, implements sociological surveys and questionnaires, facilitates citizen advisory boards etc. CCO also conducts training seminars in the field of citizen participation for public administration.

Local Sustainable Development
CCO provides consultation services for the preparation of local social and economic development projects with respect to sustainability principles. For example CCO prepares and updates local, micro-regional and regional development strategies; assists in the preparation of local development projects and activities aimed at disadvantaged groups of citizens. We cooperate with local partners (public administration, businesses and NGOs) which enable us to tailor projects to local conditions.

Regional Policy of European Union and Regional Development of the Czech Republic
Within this program CCO implements activities promoting principles of partnership and transparent decision-making in the regional policy of the European Union. In the Czech Republic we lobby for consultations and participation of public and non-profit organizations in the preparation and implementation of EU regional policy instruments. CCO is actively involved in discussions about forms of regional policy, intermediates information for other non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and prepares joint recommendations and strategies.

Educating, supporting and strengthening of non-profit non-governmental organizations
CCO supports and educates members of civic and non-profit organizations on all levels. We work with volunteers, organize seminars and training workshops in order to strengthen the non-profit sector. We promote interdisciplinary meetings and cooperation of non-profit organizations.

CCO implements strategic environmental assessments of plans, programs and strategies (SEA). We also conduct Environmental Impact Assessment of projects, constructions and technologies (EIA) and health impact assessment. IPPC – integrated prevention and pollution control – is also part of this area. All above-mentioned areas are implemented according to Local Agenda 21 principles, current legislation and European directives.

Name: Centre for Community Organising
Origin: Czech Republic
Name in national language: Centrum pro komunitní práci
Acronym: CCO

Address: Horní náměstí 9, 750 02 Přerov, Czech Republic
Website: www.cpkp.cz

National co-ordinator
Ondřej Marek
Address: CpKP stredni Cechy, Vodickova 36, 110 00 Praha 1
Tel./fax: +420 251 560 776
E-mail: ondrej.marek (at) cpk­p.cz

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