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Focus Eco Center - Romania

by , 24 June 2008

Focus Eco Center is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1993 with the main goal to inform the population concerning the environmental problems and to represent the public interest and promote the public participation concerning the sustainable development.

Focus Eco Center is a regional organization from Tg. Mures (Central Transylvania), but the activities of the organization have an impact at national level due to the intensive networking activities in the country. For Focus Eco Center, international cooperation is also an important issue, being member of the European Environmental Bureau.

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The organization participated in the consultations during the elaboration of the NDP for Romania and initiated several programs concerning the elaboration of development strategies at local and micro regional (NUTSIII) level.

The Focus Eco Center elaborated the methodology called “green agenda” which is a very successful method concerning the involvement of the public in decision-making processes. As a successful pilot project, a large consultation process in the town of Tg. Mures concerning the major environmental issues (traffic, water, green spaces, waste management) was initiated. As a result of this consultation process the General Urban Plan was modified significantly. Based on the experiences from Tg. Mures it was started the elaboration of the Local Agenda 21 in six towns from Romania. The network was sustained by UNDP. After the success of the green agenda method in the urban area, a rural sustainable development project was initiated. During this project the sustainable development strategy for 4 micro regions form Transylvania was elaborated. The project was extended later to other 4 micro regions from other regions from Romania (Moldova and Muntenia). In each micro region one pilot project was financed and several projects were identified and proposed for EU funding. Some projects were proposed to be financed by pre-accession funds (SAPARD) and other projects need further elaboration to be proposed for EU funds after the accession of Romania to the EU. An important component of the project was the knowledge transfer from the EU (The Netherlands) and CEE countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic) to Romania.

The Focus Eco Center was involved also in water management issues, proposing integrated water management schemes and involvement of the local people in the decision-making process concerning river management. Special attention was paid to the monitoring of a water regulation project financed by the EBRD. In many aspects, the project didn’t follow the principles of sustainable water management and new EU regulations. Therefore, modifications to this project were proposed by involving the public in the debates and one of the proposed modifications was accepted by the authorities.

Name: Focus Eco Center
Origin: Romania
Name in national language: Focus Eco Center
Acronym: FEC

Address: str Crinului 22, cod postal: 540343, OP 1, CP 620, Tirgu Mures, Romania
Website: www.focuseco.ro

National co-ordinator
Zoltán Hajdu
Tel./fax: +40 265 262 170
Mobile: +40 744 774 897
E-mail: zoltan (at) sft­eam.eu, zhajdu (at) fo­cuseco.ro

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