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Green Liberty - Latvia

by , 24 June 2008

Green Liberty’s mission is to develop a society in which people live in harmony with each other and their environment. The GL aims at informing people about the social and environmental implications of current trends in consumerism, trade and globalization; empowering people to participate more effectively in decisions that affect their lives directly and indirectly; and opposing abuses of power.

The Green Liberty (GL) was established in 1991 and registered as an non-profit NGO in 1993 (then as the Green Library of Environmental Protection Club). In 2000, the organization re-registered as Green Liberty.

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The GL has organized press briefings, conferences, exhibitions, public lectures, expositions and demonstrated environmental video recordings. GL publishes environmental information, organizes different cultural and environmental actions, and works to popularize environmental literature and alternative approaches and lifestyles. The Green Liberty’s main fields of work are serving its clients with high-quality environmental information, and work on issues like: International financial institutions and Trans-national corporations, Food and agriculture, Consumerism, Climate Change, sustainable and local development. It is the only environmental resource center of its kind in Latvia. It works with other NGOs as well as with the mass media and various institutions. It co-operates in local and international networks (including ANPED, Eco-Forum and FairFood) and co-operates with other organizations in Latvia and abroad.

Name: Green Liberty
Origin: Latvia
Name in national language: Zaļā brīvība
Acronym: GL

Address: Meža str.4, Rīga LV – 1048, Latvia
Website: www.zb-zeme.lv

National co-ordinator
Alda Ozola
E-mail: alda (at) sfte­am.eu, alda (at) lanet­.lv

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