Why Bother with Partnership

by Ondrej Marek, 17 June 2011

The political development in some countries has verifi ed our anxiety about the attitudes of governments and politicians towards the broader involvement of civil society in decision-making. Some optimism, however, may spring from the fact that there are positive cases of cooperation even under these hard conditions. Such cases are still in progress and we are planning to continue to follow them.

The partner organizations of SFteam in Central and Eastern Europe (in Bulgaria,the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia) participated in the research.

At the first stage, the team discussed the basic issues – goal, themes, organisation of work, and created the work plan.The partners searched for cases not only from the experience of their own organisations, but also looked at examples of partnership practice in a broader range of environmental and other NGO communities in their countries and provided a description of the cases they were aware of. Although there have not been many such cases so far, we expect that good practices will grow in number with the progress of operational programmes.

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