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Milieukontakt International - Netherlands

by , 15 January 2010

Milieukontakt Oost-Europa is an independent, non-governmental organization founded by Dutch and European environmental NGOs in 1988. The objective of Milieukontakt Oost Europa is to strengthen environmental NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Newly Independent States (NIS) to enable them to influence environmental policy and environmental behavior in their societies.

Activities on EU Accession
Since 1996 Milieukontakt International supports NGOs from CEE countries to prepare them for the EU Accession by organizing trainings with Dutch experts for NGOs, discussions between NGOs and government, and production of information materials. Milieukontakt also plays a mediating role by ensuring effective cooperation between Central and Eastern European NGOs and NGOs and NGO networks that are based in Brussels. Milieukontakt helps CEE NGOs with their international activities in Brussels that are targeted towards DG Environment and influencing the negotiation processes between the Commission and the Candidate States.

Activities on Regional Development
Milieukontakt currently works in nine countries on the topic of regional development: Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and in six Western Balkan countries. These projects share the common approach to strengthen environmental NGOs in their community by organizing Local Agenda 21-type of processes and to ensure that development is based on sustainable principles.

Activities on Pre-Accession and Structural Funds
Since 2001 Milieukontakt cooperates with the National Society of Conservationists (NSC) and other Central European partners on projects to ensure public participation in pre-accession funds in CEE countries. Currently in Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia. Recently this is extended to the whole Western Balkan region. Milieukontakt organizes expert input from the Netherlands, Central Europe and Brussels into the various projects, and in general Milieukontakt organises capacity building for NGOs on EU Accession and sustainable regional development.

Name: Milieukontakt International
Origin: The Netherlands
Name in national language: Milieukontakt International
Acronym: MKI

Address: P.O. Box 18185, 1001 ZB Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Website: www.milieukon­takt.net

National co-ordinator
Paul Kosterink
Tel.: +31 20 531 8930
Fax: +31 20 531 8940
E-mail: paul (at) sfte­am.eu, p.kosterink (at) mi­lieukontakt.nl

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