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From ideas to action: people’s proposals for better spent EU funds

by Ondrej Marek, 12 February 2013

SFteam invite You to conference From ideas to action: people’s proposals for better spent EU funds held 19 February 2013, placed in Brussels.

Spending plans are currently being drafted to allocate the next round of Cohesion Policy funds for the period between 2014–2020.To coincide with this process, Bankwatch and Friendsof the Earth Europe are bringing together the participants from a series of contests held in Bulgaria, Latvia, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, where participants were asked to propose sustainable EU funds investment opportunities to benefit their countries and citizens.

The contest criteria specified that project ideas should have the potential to contribute to sustainable regional development by addressing areas like energy, transport, consumption, waste management or urban development. The Brussels event creates a forum for contest winner to present their ideas to European institutions,na­tional representations responsible for the EU funds and to the broader public via European media outlets.

During the event we will present the best projects and the expert recommendations from project evaluators in order to begin a discussion with decision-makers about how to translate these grass root initiatives for better-spent EU funds from ideas into action.

Program download here:event-ideas2action-agenda-Feb2013.pdf



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