sustainable development

Source: National Society of Conservationists / Friends of the Earth Hungary. The relation of economy, society and environment is still often misunderstood or misinterpreted. The current development strategies aim at growing GDP and a strong economy to solve social problems. But how can the economy grow, if not from natural resources?! We have to see that the real purpose of development programs is social welfare and a good quality of life. The economy, competitiveness, jobs, investments and subsidies are tools, and the availability of natural resources is a precondition. More in the publication – download here

Source: Friends of the Earth-CEPA, Slovakia Coordination of Structural Assistance On Regional Level – information leaflet. Download here

Source: Millieukontakt Int., Netherlands. Our aim is to enable Croatian regions to develop in accordance with their recognized needs and EU standards and to prepare for effective use of Croatian as well as EU funds (in the framework of EU accession, such as SAPARD and Structural Funds). Read more

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