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Even though still under negotiation it is foreseeable that the new legislation for Cohesion Policy 2014–2020 will enshrine substantial progress in further establishing the partnership principle, i.e. providing for a comprehensive involvement of EU Cohesion Policy stakeholders into lanning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EU funds’ investments.

SFteam invite You to conference From ideas to action: people’s proposals for better spent EU funds held 19 February 2013, placed in Brussels.

The core value of SFteam is cooperation. The long-term goal of our cooperation is to ensure that regional development and Cohesion Policy in Central and Eastern European countries – including the use of the Common Strategic Framework funds of the EU – are applied in a sustainable way. To reach this on a European, national, regional and local level, we think that it is essential to build and maintain cooperation and partnership between decision-makers and all the affected parties, including citizens, municipalities, NGOs and entrepreneurs.

As result of European Civil Meeting, organized during Hungarian presidency in June 2011, was given recommendations on the application of partnership for the future Cohesion Policy post-2013.

Friends of the Earth-CEPA organized a seminar “Transparency and anti-corruption measures in the management of EU funds”, that took place in Bratislava on 17th January 2011. Seminar followed Friends of the Earth-CEPA's previous activities in the field of anti-corruption measures and transparency on the level of programming and management of the EU funds in Slovakia.

Every three years, the EU publishes a report on economic, social and territorial cohesion, detailing progress in these areas and how the EU, national and regional governments have contributed. The 5th Cohesion Report was published in November 2010.

The Bulgarian members of SFTeam, as members of the national NGO Coalition for Sustainable Use of EU Funds ( ), presented in September 2010 their interim evaluation of the mid-term programme period 2007–2013. The BG Coalition predicts that if the same rate of institutional work is maintained, only 15% of the EU funds for Bulgaria will be used by the end of 2013.

logo ecosocIn June 2010 European Economic and Social Committee published opinion focused on Efficient Partnership in Cohesion Policy. With several languages modifications you can acquaint oneself below.

The European Commission is launching public consultations on 3 planned programmes, due to replace 3 existing programmes from the beginning of 2014:

SFteam formulated recommendations for the effective application of partnership principle in the implementation of programs funded from EU Structural and Cohesion Funds. This document shows NNO view on needed changes within partnership principles according to EC regulation 1083/2006 and their affective excercising.

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