The core value of SFteam is cooperation. The long-term goal of our cooperation is to ensure that regional development and Cohesion Policy in Central and Eastern European countries – including the use of the Common Strategic Framework funds of the EU – are applied in a sustainable way. To reach this on a European, national, regional and local level, we think that it is essential to build and maintain cooperation and partnership between decision-makers and all the affected parties, including citizens, municipalities, NGOs and entrepreneurs.

EC regulation 1083/2006 has not defined the rule for partnership specifically enough; it is vague and ambiguous. We think that more specific rules are needed for the application of partnership principle, and they should be stipulated in the EU legislation. Therefore, SFteam has developed a checklist of measures for application of partnership principle of the use of EU funds.

SFteam together with Bankwatch network formulate it's opinion on questions of transparency, the partnership principle and public participation in the future Cohesion Policy. This position paper was primary designed to discussion with DG Regio. We hope that it can be inspiration and suggestion to others stakeholders of process creating future Cohesion policy of EU.

The political development in some countries has verifi ed our anxiety about the attitudes of governments and politicians towards the broader involvement of civil society in decision-making. Some optimism, however, may spring from the fact that there are positive cases of cooperation even under these hard conditions. Such cases are still in progress and we are planning to continue to follow them.

Presentation of Theodora Dönz on round table DG regio and NGO's in April 2010 on theme „Role of civil society in decision making related to regional policy.“

Brochure Structural Funds and PartenrshipThis analysis stems mainly from knowledge of non-profitorganiza­tionsin Central and Eastern European countries. It was created with an aim to discover how the non-profitorganiza­tionsof Central and Eastern Europe participation , preparation and implement operational programmes. Developed by members of SFteam in 2009.

This recommendations from NGO's to representative responsible for programming 2013+ are for the effective application of partnership principle in the implementation of programs funded from EU structural and Cohesion Funds. Developed in April 2010

Report on the Structural Funds Programming Process in Central Europe 2004. Developed by member of Sfteam from.

GW-coverCohesion policy EU funded many projects in central and eastern Europe. Infrastructural investments, renovations and road construction may bring quick economic growth and social betterment, but may cause irreversible harm to the environment. This publication want to contribute to develop environment friendly and sustainable projects.