Project supporting partnership in the programming and implementation of EU Structural Funds 

Project title: Partnership for sustainability in EU funds in CEE

Fund: International Visegrad Fund ( 

Grant nr.: 11140261

SFteam, based on its experiences from its 10 years of operation, has prepared a checklist for partnership in the programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EU Cohesion Policy Funds for 2014-2020 and plans to spread it to relevant decision-makers in the CEE countries covered by its membership (PL, CZ, SK, HU, LV, RO, BG). The checklist serves as en awareness raising material for decision-makers and stakeholders in order to ensure a transparent and meaningful involvement of civil society and stakeholders in these processes. SFteam will “map” the first results of the use of the checklist by questionnaire and desk research; by asking decision-makers and NGOs or stakeholders about their experiences in each country. The findings of the “mapping” will be published in English and national language translations on the websites of SFteam and its national member groups. The aim is to raise the awareness  of decision-makers and stakeholders about the need of involving partners in Cohesion Policy processes and to encourage them to make use of partnership methods.

Publication "Principles versus Reality", important resul of project, you can find on site
Status Name in national language Name in English Website
Grantee Magyar Természetvédők Szövetsége National Society of Conservationists
Official project partner Zwiazek Stowarzyszen Polska Zielona Siec Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network
Official project partner Priatelia Zeme-CEPA Friends of the Earth-CEPA
Official project partner Centrum pro Komunitní práci střední Čechy Centre for community organizing central Bohemia
Additional partner Zaļā brīvība Green Liberty
Additional partner Focus Eco Center Focus Eco Center
Additional partner Фондация „БлуЛинк” BlueLink Information Network
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