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In the EU Structural Funds there are many parties involved. To name a few: the local municipalities, local councils, political parties, regional development agencies, the business community, the public, NGOs, ministries, national governments, Structural Funds committees, the European Commission, the European Parliament.

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We found a way how to deal with so many involved people and organizations.

Our key words are: ‘partnerships’ and ‘coalitions’.

SFteam Partners

Goals of cooperation

We have started the partnership because we shared the same goals.

The long-term goal of the cooperation is to ensure that the regional development policy in Central and Eastern European Countries is being undertaken in a sustainable way.

In order to meet this goal NGOs need to get involved in regional development policy. The aim is therefore to establish effective partnerships between authorities and NGOs, which are able to use Structural Funds effectively and transparently for regional development in line with principles of sustainability and public interest.

Our ways for fruition of our goals

Partnership principle

The EU Structural Funds are managed based on the so-called ‘partnership principle’. This is expressed in the EU guidelines to manage the Structural Funds. We take this principle serious and work accordingly: we build partnerships on different levels:

Coalition building

We realize that we are too small organizations and have too little power to achieve our goals on our own. So we seek cooperation with others. First, we build cooperation with like-minded NGOs. On all levels: local/regional, national and international:

About our resources

Since 2002 most of our joint funding comes from international projects through the C.S. Mott Foundation and the Dutch Government, in combination with ‘matching funds’ from all CEE partners from domestic sources. For our core activities we have funding until June 2011 from the C.S. Mott Foundation.

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We are seeking for supporters for our valuable work.

History of our co-operation is dated from 2001 more…

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