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History of cooperation

by , 24 June 2008

In 2001 three Central European NGOs: the European Environmental Centre (EEC, Poland), the Centre for Community Organising (CCO, the Czech Republic) and the National Society of Conservationists (NSC, Hungary) prepared a joint project on regional development in Central Europe with a particular angle at EU-accession and public participation. While working on regional development issues in CEE countries, the three NGOs also served as communication points for the broader NGO community in their countries.

In 2002 the partners formulated the key principles of co-operation and divided the responsibilities for a large-scale project. In addition, the Slovak organization CEPA was invited (Centre for Environmental Public Advocacy) as a new participant, along with the Dutch Milieukontakt Oost-Europa (Milieukontakt), which had already played a key role in strengthening the environmental movement in CEE. Milieukontakt had previously assisted the NSC in a two-year project called “Institutiona­lisation of public participation in regional development in Hungary”. In the later stages of the project, contacts were forged with international organizations and NGOs in EU member states to improve lobbying and communication capabilities with EC officials (specifically with DG Region).

The five partners, named SFteam, decided to work on a three-year project on partnerships for sustainable development in Central Europe, from July 2002 to June 2005. They received grants for the co-operation from the C. S. Mott Foundation, the Dutch Ministry for Environment as well as the Regional Environmental Centre. After starting the project financed by the C. S. Mott Foundation, the Polish partner NGO was abolished. The SFteam invited other NGOs from Poland to the international cooperation, which formed a coalition, coordinated by the Polish Green Network (PGN). As a result of the several project activities the Milieukontakt built capacity of NGOs for working on EU funds in other CEE countries: Green Liberty (Latvia) and Focus Eco Center (Romania) joined SFteam, as an equal partner in 2003.

From 2009 on, we have made efforts to involve Croatian NGOs in SFteam work; we are looking for NGOs who are interested in our work and could potentially become our partner in SFteam for Sustainable Future.

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