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Friends of the Earth - CEPA - Slovakia

by , 24 June 2008

Friends of the Earth – CEPA is a civic association with its headquarters in Ponicka Huta, Central Slovakia. Its objectives include protecting the environment, promoting environmental, social and economic justice, pursuing the development of democracy and open civic society; supporting sustainable development of the regions and strengthening effective participation of citizens in decision-making processes linked with public interest issues.

Friends of the Earth – CEPA performs its activities at local, regional, national and international levels. To achieve its objectives, the Association seeks, supports and activates citizens and their groups, assists in the development of the skills and abilities of its members and provides educational, publishing, consultation and informational services. The association also organizes campaigns and pursues other activities as described in the section Activities.

Major EU-related activities

Monitoring of EU funds
As a part of CEE Bankwatch Network, FoE-CEPA has focused on transparency, participation and sustainability aspects of the decision-making on pre-accession funds as well as Structural and Cohesion Funds. FoE-CEPA initiated the creation of a special watchdog team to make sure that management of EU funds in Slovakia is transparent, fair and democratic and that it reflects the good practices from other countries.

Monitoring of preparation of regions for the use of EU structural funds
FoE-CEPA developed an information clearinghouse for NGOs and municipalities interested in development of sustainable regional projects which would be eligible for submission for Structural Funds.

Promoting sustainable alternatives for EU funding
FoE-CEPA has been working on developing concrete sustainable alternative projects/programs within specific sectors (e.g. energy, forestry, tourism, etc.). The ideas are distributed among municipalities and interested representatives of villages and rural regions are invited for closer cooperation in developing specific projects.

Name: Friends of the Earth – CEPA
Origin: Slovakia
Name in national language: Priatelia Zeme – CEPA
Acronym: FoE-CEPA

Address: Ponická Huta 65, 976 33 Poniky, Slovakia
Website: www.priatelia­zeme.sk/cepa

National co-ordinator
Juraj Zamkovský
Tel./fax: +421 48 419 3718
E-mail: juraj (at) sft­eam.eu, zamkovsky (at) chan­genet.sk

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