European Civil Meeting 2011

by Ondrej Marek, 5 May 2011

During Hungarian EU Presidency is preparing European Civil Meeting 2011 – the 3rd European Civic Days. Chief organiser is Századvég Political School Foundation with its cooperating governmental and non-governmental partner institutions, included our member National Society of Conservationists, Hungary.

The conference is the official civil society conference and a high visibility event of the Hungarian EU Presidency, taking place on 5–7th June 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. With a projected number of participants from all over Europe reaching 400, the European Civil Meeting 2011 is designed to be the next chapter in a series of European civil society conferences, also known as the European Civic Days, started in La Rochelle (France) in 2008 and followed up by a meeting in Málaga (Spain) in 2010. The 3-day conference will take place in the form of plenary sessions followed by parallel workshop sessions.

The chief theme of the European Civil Meeting 2011 is built around the concept of an ‘Active European Citizenship’. Each workshop theme below reflects a subtopic of this main theme:

  1. Active European citizenship and civic participation;
  2. EU citizenship education and active youth;
  3. The role of CSOs in the Western Balkan enlargement;
  4. Active European citizenship and volunteering.

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Detailed program European Civil Meeting 2011

Most of our members plan participation on this event.

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