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National Society of Conservationists - Hungary

by , 1 November 2010

The NSC has been actively involved in international NGO co-operation and in international environmental processes for 10 years. The NSC is a member of the European Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth, IUCN, ANPED and CEEWEB. Over the last four years, the NSC’s activities have been particularly dynamic in the field of European enlargement at community, national and regional levels.

The NSC has been active in the environmental sector since 1990. It has 108 member organizations comprising almost 30.000 individuals. Its headquarters are in Budapest with a staff of twelve.

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By 1999 most of our members came to realize that economic development plans initiated by the civil sector have significant environmental social and economic effects; therefore, the NSC started to concentrate its activities on regional policy. In 2001 the NSC started a complex project with the Milieukontakt to strengthen the capacity of environmental NGOs working on regional development. The project includes building regional NGO networks in all Hungarian regions, establishing regional info points and civil expert groups, publishing regional newsletters, training NGO activists, lobbying at national level for the institutionali­¬zation of public participation and sustainable development. The NSC formed a 20-member NGO coalition with national and regional environmental NGOs to participate in programming for EU funds. Apart from coordinating common NGO views, the NSC organized the Ministry of Environment’s public hearings on the National Development Plan and has taken an active role in the public debates of national programming documents and subsequent implementation documents. NSC also initiated the cooperation of NGOs representing of various sectors in the publicity of SF programming. NSC achieved that each monitoring committee of Structural Funds invited environmental NGOs to monitor the operation of SFs from 2004 on. Regarding environmental and regional development matters, the NSC has built direct contacts with EU officials; it is also often noted for its powerful lobbying activity in Brussels for greater partnership and various environmental issues.

Name: National Society of Conservationists
Origin: Hungary
Name in national language: Magyar Természetvédők Szövetsége
Acronym: NSC (MTvSz)

Address: Üllői út 91/b., 1091 Budapest, Hungary
Website: www.mtvsz.hu

National co-ordinator
Teodóra Dönsz, István Farkas
Tel.: +36 1 216 7297
Fax: +36 1 216 7295
E-mail: dori (at) sfte­am.eu, ddori (at) mtvsz­.hu,
istvan (at) sf­team.eu, ifarkas (at) mtv­sz.hu

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