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Polish Green Network - Poland

by , 24 June 2008

Polish Green Network (PGN) is a national network of environmental NGOs working to promote access to information and public participation in Poland. Created in 1998, PGN is implementing a number of national level initiatives covering topics such as Green Consumerism or monitoring international financial institutions. It is also very active in a number of initiatives aimed at supporting development of strong NGO movement in Poland as well as environmental education.

logo Polska Zielona Sieć

Very important purpose of PGN is supporting integration of ecological movement in Poland to promote sustainability in EU Funds operations. To that aim at the beginning of 2004 it got involved into long-term nationwide Coalition of four environmental NGOs (ENGOs) on EU Funds. Apart form PGN, which co-ordinates the Coalition, Institute of Environmental Economics, Institute for Sustainable Development and WWF Poland participate in the partnership. The partners working on similar (but not the same) aspects of EU Funds operations contribute to effectiveness of the Coalition and provide the ENGO community with the relevant information concerning implementation, monitoring and management of EU assistance.

The Coalition is working based on thematic areas: transport, environment (water, waste, solid waste, air quality) and rural development. An especially important crosscutting area here is the way the decisions about allocations to individual projects are made. The Coalition is working on developing clear, transparent project selection criteria and implementing them within all the committees it has access to. Within each of these areas the Coalition aims to elaborate our strategy of addressing the problems in cooperation with a number of other NGOs, preferably during the meetings or workshops to seek wider NGO agreement on them. The web page on EU Funds administered by the Coalition is another platform for communication between ENGO representatives in EU Funds committees, ENGOs working on EU assistance and other stakeholders.

Name: Polish Green Network
Origin: Poland
Name in national language: Polska Zielona Sieć
Acronym: PGN

Address: ul. Sławkowska 26 A, 31–014 Kraków, Poland
Website: www.zielonasi­ec.pl

National co-ordinator
Przemek Kalinka
Tel./fax: +48 12 431 28 08
E-mail: przemek (at) ban­kwatch.org

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